Samsung Flys Reporters To IFA, Threatens To Strand Them If Won’t Don Uniforms

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It is no laughing matter to be stranded far away from home and not have money to get a ticket to get back home. However this is what Samsung apparently threatened to do to two bloggers.

Samsung threatened to strand 2 bloggers in Berlin after IFA 2012

The pair in question say that they were heading to the IFA courtesy of Samsung to cover new product releases from Samsung along with other gadgets. Despite protesting, Samsung treated the bloggers as brand ambassadors but when they got to Germany things started to get worst.

The two bloggers got a call from Samsung India telling them that they needed to put on the branded shirts of Samsung, if not then they had to get their own tickets to take them home and pay for the hotel stay from the time that the phone call ended.

Minutes after this another call came in to tell the pair that their flights home which had been booked for the 6th, had been cancelled, and the pair were told that they would go home on the 1st. However this was only providing the pair chose to wear the shirts with the Samsung branding at the event and promise not to talk or blog about the incident. They were told that the incident must not reach India.

Samsung were forcing the pair to act as ambassadors and if they did not comply with what Samsung wanted they were being forced to pay for the trip themselves. The couple did eventually get home but it was only because they ended up agreeing to wear the shirts of Samsung reports Gizmodo.

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