Samsung Hasn’t Given Up Selling The Galaxy Note 7

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Despite the mess up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 it does look like Samsung are not giving up on phones and they are going to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 this year. We also hear that Samsung hasn’t given up on the Note either as they want to sell refurbished devices this June in India and Vietnam.

The refurbished version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be sold with the 300mAh and the 3200mAh batteries, which are both different to the 3500mAh battery that was in the original Note. It has also been said that the device will have a new case, but the remainder of the phone is going to be the same.

It wasn’t too long back that Samsung said that it was the fault of the batteries that caused the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Therefore they believe that by putting smaller batteries into them the device is going to be safe.

If Samsung is able to sell the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 it would allow them to minimize their losses. It would also help with environmental issues.

But would you buy the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and trust that it wouldn’t set on fire?