Samsung Gear S4 vs Apple Watch 3: The Story Moves Forward

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Samsung and Apple are two tech companies that are always fighting each other with the latest technology. This time around they are going up against each other with the Apple Watch 3 and the Samsung Gear S4. So which comes out ahead?

The Apple Watch 2 was a big update for the original and it is thought that the same is going to happen when Apple Watch 3 arrives. We have heard that the tech is going to come with a camera above the bezel so that owners can take selfies and owners will be able to make video calls from the watch. It should have an OLED display that is circular and the storage along with performance will be improved.

The Samsung Gear S4 has been kept under wraps but we do believe that it will offer up the Exynos 7 Dual 7270 processor and have a 4G LTE modem. The watch may shed some weight as the current generations have been called bulky and some people find them uncomfortable.

It really doesn’t matter whether you choose the Samsung Gear S4 or the Apple Watch 2 as both are going to be high end.

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