Samsung Gear S3 Could Utilize Exynos 7270

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Samsung have revealed a new processor for their wearable devices and this is the Exynos Dual 7270. This is of course the first processor for wearable devices that has been built around the 14nm process and it is possible we might see it arrive first on the Gear S3.

Samsung began to make the smartphone SoCs with the 14nm manufacturing process in 2015. The Exynos 7270 brings together two ARM Cortex A53 cores and these were designed specifically to help balance the power efficiency and performance. The CPU should be around 20% more energy efficient when compared to the chips that were built on the 28nm.

Samsung hasn’t said when we can expect to see the first of the wearables with the Exynos 7270 processor will arrive, however they went on to say that any device makers interested could get a reference platform so that they could begin work on upcoming devices before the chip rolls out.

While Samsung haven’t come right out and said we think that the Exynos 7270 is going to run the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, which should be launching this month.

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