Samsung Galaxy V9 Picks Up Apple Bad Habits, Hope S10 Won’t (Concept)

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Now that we know where Samsung is heading in terms of design thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S9, the artist can start envisioning what their other smartphones will look like this year.

The rendering you see here was created by artist Gurpreet Singh called the Samsung Galaxy V9 phone. The one thing we immediately notice about the concept was the notch on the display. We are going to guess that this inspiration came from the Apple iPhone X which also came with that ugly notch in the front.

While we do understand why Apple felt the need to do that, it does not mean that we do not think that it looks ugly and we are probably not the only ones. Of course, we have already seen a few leaks now and it is clear that some of the other smartphones in the market might also come with the notch so it won’t be a huge surprise if any future Samsung smartphone does come with that notch but we are hoping that it is not going to be the case.

What do you think of the rendering?

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