Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad Air In Ultimate Showdown

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Two device makers that have been in the business of a long time are Apple and Samsung. Their products are often compared against each other and today it is the iPad Air and the Samsung Galaxy Tab that are in a showdown.

The iPad Air 3 hasn’t been revealed yet but it is thought to be coming with the A10X or the A10 processor. The display should be similar to the one that is out at the moment. We have heard that it may come with support for Apple Pencil and it could have the 3D Touch display. We are expecting it to come with a premium price tag.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been out since 2015 and so the technology is going to be behind that of the iPad Air 3. It is a powerful tablet and it has Marshmallow installed. It runs on a quad core processor and supports SD card to boost storage by as much as 128GB. On the downside is the fact that it comes with an 8MP camera while the iPad Air has the 8GB. It should come in cheaper though.

So would you choose the iPad Air 3 or would you go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

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