Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Does Some Provoking

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Samsung is going to hold a private event in a couple of weeks and when they do it is to show off a brand new product. Some people are expecting it to be the Samsung Galaxy S8, we hate to disappoint you but it won’t be the flagship handset.

We think that the event is to show off the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, which is the sequel to the Tab S2. We have seen it in leaks over the last month and we are sure that this is going to be the device that will be launched just ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung have been teasing with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 as it has been rumoured to offer up a curved display. The teaser image was shown off by Samsung and it drops out hints of a side display. That is if you think the circle in the middle is a charging port and not the home button.

Samsung could be provoking people of course, tablets offer a bigger screen size and this means that it is tailored towards productivity. Many fans of the Note 7 think that Samsung is getting in their face.

This may not be the intention of Samsung of course, but then the Samsung Galaxy Note has always been the handset to be known for offering a huge size and performance that is insane.