Samsung Knew Galaxy Tab Was Often Mistaken For iPad

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An internal document from Samsung has revealed that consumers were having trouble telling the iPad and Galaxy Tab apart when it came to advertising and this led to strategic changes reports CNET.

Samsung found Galaxy Tab often mistaken for iPad

The internal studies of Samsung showed that many people thought the Galaxy Tab was indeed the iPad in the Samsung sponsored TabTVC, which is thought to mean a TV commercial. Only 16% thought it belonged to Samsung and around 11% of people are actually aware and could link Samsung to the Galaxy Tab. 65% of individuals could relate the iPad to Apple.

Those who conducted the study said that recognition of the Tab was in fact growing and gave advice to Samsung to continue offering distinct and distinguishable products in the Galaxy range.

This study was one of two studies that were put into evidence as part of the on-going trial for patents between the two giants in tech, Apple and Samsung. Apple has accused Samsung of copying their iPhone and iPad when they built their competing products. Samsung have said that there is very little confusion over the devices among consumers. The trial will continue on Friday and has seen numerous secrets come out into public view. This has included photos of the iPhone, iPad and Galaxy prototypes and even internal documents which have detailed both companies’ business strategies.

The survey in evidence says that in 2008 Samsung was aware of the iPhone and its popularity with touch screen tech and how they were reconstructing the smartphone market. The report highlighted the dominance of Apple and the fact that Samsung felt threatened by Apple products. Apple of course will use these against Samsung to prove that Samsung turned to copying their devices. Samsung denies this and says that they have made key parts for the phones and tablets of Apple and are long time innovators.

Lawyers are continuing to argue that the products of Samsung have been copied and that the shape of the iPhone is unique and consumers recognize it as the iPhone. Another survey shows how Apple dominates the sector of tablets and wreaks havoc on competitors. The survey went on to say that owners of iPhones were giddy about their handsets while the touch handsets of Samsung were popular but not loved and people did not show the same passion about them as owners of iPhones did. It also highlighted the fact that people didn’t consider them ground breaking and they were classed as being too plain.

There was some good news with the Galaxy range of handsets as awareness increased along with preference of the brand name. However even this handset was tempered by the growth of Apple.

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