Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera: Just How Good It Actually Is

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One of the highlight of the new Samsung Galaxy S9+ camera is the dual camera with mechanically adjustable aperture which means users can actually switch between an f1.5 aperture which will help with the taking pictures in low light condition and the f2.4 aperture which will give the user more depth of view and also prevent images from being overexposed.

Users can control the aperture using the camera app. One thing to take note of is while the camera aperture can go as small as f1.5 and as large as f2.4, you won’t be able to set it to the numbers in between those two.

Those that got to try out the new Samsung Galaxy S9 devices have been posting some of the images online. Based on what we saw, it is clear that the device can now perform better in low light condition but others think thadoe colors does not look as accurate as the previous models.

Check out some of the images here and tell us what you think.

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