Samsung Galaxy S8 Would Use Galaxy Note 7 Battery

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Samsung is going to use the same battery that is supplied by the Samsung SDI branch on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and this is the same battery that was used on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. So could they be about to make the same big mistake all over again?

Samsung lost many billions of dollars when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had to be recalled last year after owners said that it caught fire. The batteries were replaced after the first recall with batteries from ATL but they continued to set on fire and this saw the demise of the handset.

Samsung are getting around 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S8 ready for launch in April and they will be keeping their fingers crossed that the same issue isn’t going to crop up in the S8 as it did with the Note 7. Mass production of the device is said to be starting in March this year.

When Samsung launched the S7 the handset sold 10 million units in the first month and Samsung is hoping that the same will apply to the Samsung Galaxy S8. But will the issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 put people off?

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