Samsung Galaxy S8 Would Fix Galaxy S6, S7 Design Flaw

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It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to fix the design flaw that was seen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S6 and this we are talking about the camera bump.

A photo was shown off on Weibo that shows off the camera bumps of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 along the Samsung Galaxy S8. If this indeed true and the device is the S8 then it shows that the camera is flush with the body and there is no bump.

The comparison does actually show the camera bump of the Samsung Galaxy S6 wrong, its 1.7mm and the Samsung Galaxy S7 is 0.8mm. This leads us to believe that the photos are not the real deal but that someone didn’t do their homework before coming up with the images.

On the other hand if the photo is actually a leaked genuine Samsung presentation then they clearly don’t know the measurements of their own phones and there will be some red faces.

The leaked dimensions tell us that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would come in at 5.51 x 2,84 x 0.28 inches and this would make the handset shorter and thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S7. We have also heard that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will offer a bigger display.

We have heard that we may hear about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 on 29 March, along with the plus sized version. So for the time being you may want to take the measurements with a good dose of salt.

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