Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6: Does Size Bother You?

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There are some things in life that matter when it comes to size but does this relate to the Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 and the S6?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 hasn’t made its way out yet but we have been hearing plenty of leaks about it and one of them is that it will be big. But does size really matter when it comes to handsets?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers a display of 5.1inches, the Samsung Galaxy S7 one of 5.2 inches and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to be arriving with a display of 5.8 inches. While this might sound like a big difference, the footprint of the S8 compared to the smaller flagships is only minimal. The S8 is said to be 6mm taller but the device is going to be slimmer.

There is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus coming our way and this is going to offer up the 6.2 inch display. This can be compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its display of 5.7 inches. The S8 is going to be larger and it will be bigger, but not by much and the width will be about the same.

When compared to the iPhones the comparison is definitely more impressive when you see the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the side of the iPhone 7, with its 4.7 inch display, you can see a big difference. The S8 is taller and it’s not a mm wider, which is very impressive when you think about the extra real estate that you have.

You can also compare the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and its display of 6.2 inches to the iPhone 7 Plus. Both device have dimensions that are almost the same, but the 7 Plus does have that bit more extra width, while the S8 Plus offers a .7 inch bigger display.

So when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and other Samsung phones, does size really matter?

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