Samsung Galaxy S8: Time To Clear Out The Galaxy S7!

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Samsung is trying harder to get rid of the old stock of the Samsung Galaxy S7 before they launch the Samsung Galaxy S8. The handset is said to be going to be made available for pre-order in April and this means that the S7 is going to be available for a bargain price.

Generally when you buy a phone you are not offered a free 256GB microSD card as an incentive. However if you purchase the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge from Samsung themselves this is just what you get. They are offering the 256GB Samsung Evo+ microSD card either locked or on carrier, with the card, worth $249.99.

This tells us that Samsung wants to get rid of as many of the Samsung Galaxy S7 handsets as possible before they bring out the new Samsung Galaxy S8. You can get the deal with the free SD card up to February 14. Of course you could go for the deal now and get the free card and then resell the handset when the newer model comes out.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is thought to be coming out in late March and it should be made available in April. It is coming with a new design, big Super AMOLED display, fast and powerful processor and a camera that has been improved.

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