Samsung Galaxy S8: The Future Of Smartphone Gaming?

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If future mobile devices were to be so advanced that we wouldn’t need our PS4 consoles anymore, then we’re doomed (because that calls for official public obsession!). That’s because ARM, a technology design company, is already in the works of creating some sort of powerful chip architecture that should be equipped in say, your upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, and by then, you’ll be able to bring your games with you wherever you go.

Talk about relieving stress with a tap on your device. It’s going to be a completely different era of an era all over again, and we’re not sure if hardcore gamers are ready to leave their beloved gaming hardware behind. After all, consoles were the thing to ever come across gamers’ minds and something that could actually bring people together to play a game or two.

So do you think that this next big leap of computational power could somewhat disrupt our usual lifestyle (as though it hasn’t already done so)? Sure, you’re probably going to be more productive at work if you’ve spent half an hour battling over aliens and whatnot, but if you were to play them frequently, we’re pretty sure that even interpersonal communication could be reduced and more people could become anti-social to an extent.

Then again, we can’t wait for this to happen. And till then, let’s just hope that consoles don’t die, ever. We still love our PS4, to be very honest.

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