Samsung Galaxy S8 Seems To Have Some Last Minute Worries

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Samsung hasn’t yet said anything about the Samsung Galaxy S8 but we have heard plenty of rumours going around about the upcoming handset.

Reports have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be arriving without the physical home button. Some owners were asking that Samsung get rid of the home button, so those who did are really going to be pleased about the lack of it.

At first there were rumours going around that the home button could be embedded into the display, however now there is a rumour going around that this may not happen and instead Samsung could move it to the back of the device.

LG have offered up phones with a home button on the back of the device for some time now. However, fans of Samsung are used to having the button located on the front. Whether this upgrade would affect the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S8 remains to be seen.

It was also said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to come with the headphone jack and that Samsung is doing away with the non-curved display, meaning that all phones in the future will have the curved display of the Edge.

Are you waiting for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8?

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