Samsung Galaxy S8: S7 Did Not Stand A Chance

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Things started out slow for the Samsung Galaxy S8 but despite it all, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is clearly the winner here as it beats the Samsung Galaxy S7 record. The Samsung Galaxy S7 had a huge advantage over the S8 because of the Note 7 failure but even that was not enough to keep the S8 at bay.

According to the latest report, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has already outsold the Samsung Galaxy S7 and many believe that the numbers will only go higher as Samsung continues to release new colour options for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Earlier this month, Samsung released the new Samsung Galaxy S8 in Rose Pink and that was followed by the new Active version of the S8 which features a flat screen, larger battery and a more durable rating.

Do you think the S8 has enough to hold off the Apple iPhone 8 when the time comes?

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