Samsung Galaxy S8 New Safety Measures Will Keep Device Safe

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Samsung finally revealed what caused the batteries of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to explode and they have also talked about what they are doing in the future to make sure that it doesn’t happen again with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and other devices.

They said that a new battery check safety measure is going to be put into place so that all batteries will have to go through the test before they are installed in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung revealed that the safety checks for the batteries of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will include tests for durability, x-ray, visual inspection, TVOC test, discharge test, OCV test and accelerated use test.

This is a long list of safety checks for the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S8 but it seems that Samsung wants to instil confidence in their new device following the issue with the Note 7 battery.

Do you trust Samsung and would you buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 or give it a wide berth?

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