Samsung Galaxy S8 May Borrow S Pen

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 hasn’t been revealed yet but there has been many rumours going around about what it may bring with it and one thing of interest is that it may borrow the S Pen from the Note.

In a video the casing of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is looked at and it seems that there is a mysterious port, which looks very much like the one on the Samsung Galaxy Note series to hold the S Pen.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation it certainly looks like the port where the S Pen is stored on the Galaxy Note. So could it be that Samsung are ditching the Note and have given the S Pen to the Samsung Galaxy S8?

But what are your thoughts, could Samsung have given up on the Note series after the failure with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and will the Samsung Galaxy S8 have adopted the S Pen?

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