Samsung Galaxy S8 Failed To Impressed

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Even with everything that the Samsung Galaxy S8 had to offer, it looks like it failed to gain the attention of the consumers. At least that looks like the case when you compare it to the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Reports from South Korea are suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus sales have been slowing down and if the current sales number is any indication, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge is winning right now as Samsung only sold about 10million units of the S8 Series so far while they managed to sell about 12million units of the S7 Series.

It is believed that the reason why things are slowing down for the S8 is that people are already looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and that most poeple would want to see what the Note 8 will offer before they make the decision to get the S8 or the Note 8.

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