Samsung Galaxy S7: You Simply Cannot Touch It

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While the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great handset you simply cannot touch it and I mean literally, you cannot touch it.

It has looks that are great and offers superb performance but this isn’t the reasons why it cannot be touched. The reason is that if you touch it you end up with a handset that is literally covered in fingerprints.

The back panel of the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a slight curve to it and the panel made of glass curves into the metal frame and it feels really good. However after just a few minutes of holding it the back is covered in a coat of oil. This means that more often than not you are left wiping the cover to get rid of fingerprints.

If you can manage to live with a fingerprint covered handset ten the Samsung Galaxy S7 does have a great deal going for it. The fingerprint sensor is superb, again though just another magnet to attract those fingerprints.

You might consider putting the Samsung Galaxy S7 in a case and this would stop the fingerprints but then it distracts from the look of the handset.

Do you own the Samsung Galaxy S7 and have you noticed that the back gets covered in fingerprints easily?