Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Xiaomi Mi5 vs LG G5: Winner Is…

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These three phones had undoubtedly took the spotlight during the Barcelona launch earlier this week, and man do they deserve it. But if we were to compare them side by side – through some of their aspects that differ them from one another – which of it among the three that would actually emerge as the winner? Is it the Samsung Galaxy S7, Xiaomi Mi5 or LG G5?

Before we begin, we’d actually just like to remind you how much we like the LG G5; not only how it’s managed to garner more attention than the S7, but also for its daring move to become the first modular smartphone in the world. Props to that. In terms of display, the LG G5 takes the cake here with having the biggest screen size with 5.3-inches of a Quad HD display, as opposed to S7 and Mi5’s at 5.1-inch and 5.15-inch respectively.

If you are wondering what’s powering up these three anticipated phones, they all come from the same power source: the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. Although it’s worthy to note that some S7s are housing the Exynos 8890 SoC instead. The LG G5 and Galaxy S7 have 4GB of RAM, while the Mi5 boasts a mere 3GB of RAM, but the latter’s ceramic version has 4GB too.

And perhaps the G5’s got some camera technology to boast about here; having a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera, 8-megapixel wide-angle shooter and 8-megapixel for the selfie takers, it’s more than enough to beat S7’s mere 12-megapixel primary camera. We think it’s the first time LG has had enough to beat the crap out of Samsung since the latter’s usually unbeatable with its features and whatnot. Xiaomi’s had a pretty decent touch here with a 16-megapixel one too.

We’ve got to say that we’ll be rooting for the LG G5 because what’s there not to like about the phone with the removable battery slot? It’s cool, it’s handsome and it’s got playful elements that could match the fun personality within you. Give it a go.

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