Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5: Which Is Best For You?

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It’s not so much of a battle of mythical proportions, because they are indeed going to be released very soon (due next week for the both of them, at the MWC 2016). So which should you really have your eyes on when the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 comes out during the official launch next week at Barcelona?

Based on some of the readers’ comments we’ve scavenged through the net, we didn’t really manage to see which one of the two was more favourable than the other. People were rooting for the S7 as much as they wanted to see the G5 in the flesh. The S7 is probably very much-anticipated since it’s going to be equipped with the VR technology, and it could also be the sole reason for you to make the switch from iOS to Android if VR matters to you.

As for the LG G5, it’s said to have a removable battery tray, so is that going to be all there is to look forward to? Apparently, the G5 is deemed to be more ambitious, having a novel approach so it’s also going to be more exciting than its predecessors have ever experienced before. So long it doesn’t suffer from any “Bootloop Syndrome” that has affected the G4 and G3 users, this should be one phone you should be anticipating for.

Now that we’ve briefly explained what you’ll be expecting from the two major flagships, sound off in the comments section below to see which one is more favourable to you.

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