It’s Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7, Forget LG G5 or HTC One M10

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As we near MWC 2016, all eyes are on Samsung to reveal its flagship Android the Samsung Galaxy S7. With the Galaxy Note 6 expected later in the year only and no one really caring about the Galaxy S7 Edge after the poor sales of the Edge series last year, the big question is who will the Samsung Galaxy S7 have to go up against this year?

The first smartphones that come to mind for most Samsung Galaxy S7 buyers is the LG G5 and HTC One M10. They will be weighing the specs of the Galaxy S7 against these behemoths before making a decision. But that shouldn’t be the case. You just have to look at sales to find out who the real rival to the Samsung Galaxy S7 is.

The Apple cometh.

It is none other than the iPhone 7. Expected to release later in the year alongside the iPhone 7S, it will no doubt go right after the Samsung Galaxy S7 as plays catch up in sales given the head start the Samsung device has. Of course, one can argue that Android fans looking at the Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t be comparing it to the iPhone 7 because of the different OS. But that is becoming less and less the situation given how both smartphones and operating systems are becoming more alike year after year.

The iPhone series for one is getting larger and larger like its Android rivals, and Android devices are adopting features like non-removable battery and storage, alongside more frequent OS updates despite the age of the device. And both the App Store and Play Store are now equally matched in app quality and size.

With that said, if you’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy S7, do consider the iPhone 7 as well – you may be pleasantly surprised.

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