Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S: Fight!

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The question now would be, if you’d go for the seemingly flawless phone or the seemingly-flawless-phone-too-but-not-that-pretty-looking phone. We welcome you to the showdown of the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7; which one of these would come out on top? How would they be performing when being stacked against one another?

Perhaps the most significant and obvious feature that’s mostly being compared is the camera test. It seems like the S7’s autofocus is the highlight of the entire camera aspect, because the speed of it is what’s deemed to be beyond belief. As advertised before, it goes as quick as a .03 seconds of autofocus; that’s faster than you actually blink your eye.

There’s a video below that we would like to show you about the comparison between the two phones, and we’ll let you decide who takes the cake. But before that, let us just emphasize on how great and significant the S7 is ahead of the 6S (not just in terms of camera, but in almost every aspect).

You be the judge.

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