Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlock Code Leaked Already

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It hasn’t taken hackers and developers long to come up with a code to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7. Fresh on the shelves the S7 is a superb device that has been made better already thanks to the leaked unlock code that is making its way around the net already.

But why use the unlock code for the Samsung Galaxy S7 as the handset is a superb one right off the shelf?

One of the biggest benefits to unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S7 with the leaked unlock code is that you can take the device to a carrier of your choosing once the contract on the handset has run out.

An unlocked device sells better than one that is locked to a carrier, so when you have had enough of it you will be able to see it on more easily.

Before the unlock code leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S7 you typically had to go to a website to unlock your handset, place an order and then unlock it. However with the leaked code you can unlock it free of charge at home yourself.

Stay tuned for more information on the leaked unlock code for the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the next few days.