Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips & Tricks: Adding A 128GB MicroSD Card

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After all, the complaints they receive when they took away the microSD slot, Samsung has decided to bring it back once more. The microSD slot on the Samsung Galaxy S7 also acts as a second Nano-SIM card slot which means customers will have to choose between having two lines or more storage but there is actually a way for them to have both.

Be aware that the method mentioned here is pretty risky as you might end up damaging your SIMcard for MicroSD card so proceed at your own risk. The idea here is to merge the sim card and the MicroSD into one so that they both can fit into the slot.

You will first need to heat up the sim card so that the adhesive softens. Carefully cut out the chip and trim it to that it matches the edge of the MicroSD. Next, use super glue or double sided tape to stick them together and slide it in.

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