Samsung Galaxy S7: Swimming With The Fishes

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We recently saw the Samsung Galaxy S7 swimming with the fishes and we don’t mean that the godfather had the device killed and sent to the bottom of the ocean.

What we are talking about is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S7 was put into a jar of water and kept there for about 16 hours. So how did the handset fair during its time sealed in a container full of water?

So a guy took a huge jar and the stunning Samsung Galaxy S7, which is waterproof and said to be able to be submerged for up to an hour. However, this wasn’t entertaining enough so he decided to put in into the water, still switched on, for a full day, around 16 hours in total.

Surprisingly when the Samsung Galaxy S7 was taken out of the water and dried off it was still working. Check it out below.