Samsung Galaxy S7: So Did It Turn Out As Expected?

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We’ve heard way too many rumours about the ever-popular Samsung Galaxy S7 and how it’s going to have a much larger battery compared to all of its predecessors, and whether or not it’s those rumours are actually proven true. Well, partially; we kind of expected for it to come up with a 3,600mAh battery but the one revealed at the recent MWC claims it for having only a 3,000mAh one. And guess what, that’s good enough.

If you were to compare the latest Samsung flagship to their S6 days, you’ve got to say they’ve come a long way in just a little for a year ago. Could you imagine how much they could actually do in just a short amount of time (and still lose to the LG G5, in our utmost honest opinion)? The S6 had a 2,550mAh battery and people were complaining about it. Now that they’ve gone through a major change, hopefully complaints would turn out lesser.

And when Samsung mentioned that it’s not going to look extraordinary this time, they are really true to their words. That’s because they didn’t only just brought back a similar design with the S7, but also being a little bit too bland if you’ve got to compare it with the sexy-looking LG G5 (again).

Did you like what you see at the MWC 2016?

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