Samsung Galaxy S7: Slimmer But With Double Battery Life?

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Samsung’s two most-anticipated flagships are due to be rolled out, and it’s getting nearer than you think. If rumours are true, it’s going to be launched during the Mobile World Congress next week at Barcelona, so keep your eyes wide open for any details regarding that as we’ll also do our best in updating about it.

As they are drawing in nearer to their release dates, there’s no denying that they aren’t receiving a whole lot of attention too, especially when it comes to the extra battery capacity that it’s about to offer. Accordingly, the Galaxy S7 will be expected to have more battery capacity than all of its predecessors, despite how it’s going to undergo some serious slimming regimen too.

That’s going to draw some attention, without a doubt, but we should also bear in mind that battery capacity doesn’t always translate into longer battery life. Since the efficiency of the processor makes a huge difference in how long the battery lasts between a charge, we shouldn’t be too happy about having to get hold of the phone with twice as much battery capacity than its previous brethren. Are you still looking forward to the S7 though?

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