Samsung Galaxy S7 Not So Bubbly After All

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Samsung promised that their Galaxy S7 flagship device is waterproof, but really, how “waterproof” could it be? It’s been certified with IP68 standards, which means 1.5 metres of water, but one YouTuber wanted to test it further to see if it holds true to what it’s been promised. And whether or not it could go past its limits.

Turns out that the phone is only meant to be waterproof in normal water temperature, because anywhere near warm or high temperature means death for the phone. That’s because for the high temperatures like that, Samsung would definitely need the IP69K certified standard instead. You’d probably get away with it the first few times, but eventually you’re going to find yourself feeling regretful, remorseful and silliness ensues, as the phone will just die.

The video we’re about to show you is a very interesting one, and it could be something you’ve never expected to happen; more so if you’re a true Samsung fanboy.

Do you still want to get yourself the Samsung Galaxy S7? Just make sure not to take any daily adventures in the shower with it.

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