Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini Is The iPhone SE Killer We Were Expecting

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Now that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone SE are both official, the big question is can we compare both devices despite their powerful hardware? Especially given when the size difference suggests they are for different audiences altogether.

The answer is no and furthermore we may not need to. The reason for this has to do with rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini that will only be reduced in size but not dumbed down in specs. In other words a smaller Galaxy S7 that is no doubt designed to go head to head with the iPhone SE.

While many would argue that the “Mini” for the Galaxy series always meant mini on specs too, this time around given that their biggest competitor, Apple, has gone a different path, Samsung will no doubt have to offer a similar alternative if they don’t want to risk losing customers.

At this time, rumors put the Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini to be of the same specs of the S7 apart from a smaller screen, meaning that it is on par with the iPhone SE in terms of performance. More on this soon.

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