Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini Could Offer Solution For Explosive Note 7

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Since it arrived on the market the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been popular due to all the wrong reasons. We are talking about the explosive battery of course which saw the device being recalled and replacements sent out. Due to this Samsung has been faced with losses that are huge.

Now they are hoping to get back some of their losses on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and they are trying to get back the trust of people that they have lost. One insider said that Samsung is going to offer a mid-range device with the name of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini is said to be coming with a display of 4.6 inches and it will be 1080p. It will run on the Snapdragon 820 processor and offer up 2GB of RAM. The device should have a price tag in the region of $399 and Samsung is hoping that this is going to put them back in favor with consumers.

At the moment Samsung haven’t said anything about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini so you might want to take this news with a big pinch of salt for now.

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