Samsung Galaxy S7: It Cannot Be Touched and We Mean Literally

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There is no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great device, but this is a device that cannot be touched, and we mean literally.

If you hate to see fingerprints all over your handset then you are not going to like the Samsung Galaxy S7. It seems to draw in fingerprints all the time, even with the lightest touch.

The back of the Samsung Galaxy S7 has the slightest of curves to it and its made of glass in a metal frame. While this offers an upmarket look to it, within seconds of touching it the back is covered in oil from your fingers. This means that you tend to be wiping the back of the handset every few minutes to get rid of those ugly fingerprints smearing the back of the device.

If you don’t have an aversion to a fingerprint covered back or you put it in a case then the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a superb handset. However would you be willing to do this?

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