Samsung Galaxy S7 Is No Match For LG G5

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The Mobile World Congress last month (What? It’s March already?) certainly opened with a blast. And by that we really meant that the LG G5 wowed the audience more than the supposedly-more-superior brand, the Samsung Galaxy (which showed off its S7). They’d both go on sale later this month, but we’ll give you some heads up on why you should choose the G5.

The LG G5 is at 5.3-inches, larger than the Galaxy S7’s but also smaller than the S7 Edge’s. And unlike the Galaxy device, the G5 comes wrapped entirely in a metal body, but the best part is perhaps the fact that it’s the world’s first modular smartphone. With a retractable battery slot. Yes, that’s exactly how LG planned to dominate the overcrowded market.

There’s also something the G5 has that differs it from the S7. It’s gotten itself a ‘Friends’-clip on accessories, such as a camera grip or an audio amplifier, but you’ve got to bear in mind that you’ll need to buy them separately in order to enjoy using them as one. Sure, Samsung has never failed to retain its fans with every upgrade it comes out with, but we think the LG G5 really takes the cake this time.

Don’t you think so, too?

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