Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Moto X Pure vs Nexus 6P: Fight!

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The fight is on between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the Moto X Pure and the Nexus 6P, but which device would you choose?

The Moto X Pure 32GB version is a great handset and it comes with a price tag of $350, while the Nexus 6P and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are both priced over this.

For the camera the best is on the Samsung Galaxy S7 as it doesn’t freeze up and the focus on it is faster. The optical image stabilization is better and video is faster.

The battery life of the Moto X is great but it does charge more slowly than on the Nexus 6P. The battery on the Samsung Galaxy S7 also charges slower.

The speakers of the Moto X are great as they deliver audio that is superb. Those of the Nexus 6P are great too but not as loud, while with the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers speakers that are not brilliant thanks to the waterproofing and they are on the side.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a build that is better, but the build of the Moto X for the price is great too.

So there are pros and cons to all devices, but which would you choose out of the Moto X, the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Nexus 6P?