Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: The Line Is Drawn, A Pink One At That

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Just when Samsung have managed to convince people that the battery issue is a thing of the past, another issue has cropped up for them and this time its an issue with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have now been reporting that they are seeing a pink line on the screen of the S7 Edge. The line appears in roughly the same place for each owner and it seems to crop up out of the blue and it isn’t brought about by damage to the device or dropping it.

Some owners have taken their Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to the support centre, but some were told that the issue isn’t covered under the warranty for their device and this means they have to pay $350 to get a new display

Samsung have said that the issue isn’t a known one. We don’t know if they are looking into a solution or they are hoping that it will go away. however as the Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumoured to be arriving with a curved display this issue is something that Samsung might want to address before they launch the new device.

If not the Samsung Galaxy S8 could go the same way as the Galaxy Note 7, but this time with the display, not the battery.

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