Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Cracks Due To Overheating

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners may not want to leave their device charging overnight after reading about the fate of own owners who did just that. They said that they left their handset on charge and it overheated and cracked the display of the device and when they complained in the customer forum they were told that as it was physical damage they would have to pay for repairs.

The owner said that the device had not been dropped and that the display of his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cracked due to it overheating. He was asked if the handset had been subjected to cold weather before he put it on charge as this may have been why the glass cracked.

Other forum members said that it looked like the handset had been dropped as the crack began on an impact point and not where the battery is actually located. Other owners said that the back of the device can get hot, however, they were unsure of whether it actually got hot enough so as to crack the back.

Do you own the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and what do you think, did the handset crack because it overheated?