Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Screen Cracking & Overheating Complaints

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If you are the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and you like to leave your handset charging overnight you may want to have second thoughts. An owner in the UK apparently left their device charging overnight and said that they woke up to find that the display was cracked. Worse still when they complained about in the forums customer service said that it was physical damage and the guy would have to pay to have the display repaired.

The guy said that the cracking of the display happened as the device overheated when charging. Some people on the forum asked if the device had been outside in cold weather prior to it being put on charge, if so when it heated up when charging this may have been why the glass cracked.

It was also pointed out that the crack looked as though it was on an impact point as it didn’t appear close to where the battery is. Some owners have said that the back of the device does get pretty hot when charging but whether it gets hot enough to crack the display is unknown.

But what do you think? Has overheating caused the display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to crack or do you think the device was dropped?


  1. Andrew

    March 31, 2016 at 1:35 am

    This has happened to me too. Left my S7 Edge on fast charge overnight, cracked and very hot in the morning. Absolutely no support from Samsung. Only had the handset for 2 weeks! Friend of mine had an S6 Edge….same problem….

  2. Lisa lawton

    March 31, 2016 at 1:50 am

    I have s6 edge left on charge overnight (burning hot at charger) woke up screen cracked down the middle. No customer service and will be going back to Apple. Should never have left.