Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: No Substance, Just Flair

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While all eyes were on a Samsung Galaxy S7 set to launch in February this year, the focus has somewhat shifted to the S7 Edge as more details have emerged on the device.

The leak come by way of Weibo which posted some information up on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Unfortunately if these are true then the device doesn’t seem to filling much of a niche.

A quick run through of the specs put the Galaxy S7 at 5.1″ and the S7 edge at 5.5″. This brings up the question. Why would they release a 5.5″ and a 5.7″ version of the same phone?

On the camera side, we the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge drop from 16-megapixel to 12-megapixels. Another anti-climatic update. If anything the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 may be more identical to each other than ever before.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge leaked specs? Is this likely an error?

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