Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Is Liquid Cooling A Gimmick?

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We have all probably seen a certain video of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge teardown presented by YouTuber JerryRigEverything. And you might have learned a thing or two from there. Also, you’ve probably had some questions left unanswered in the back of your mind. So since Samsung claims to have liquid cooling in the phone, we scavenged through the Net for answers.

It turns out that in this certain gaming experiment done by the folks from Explore Gadgets, the S7 Edge surprisingly remains at a normal temperature even after hours into gameplay. An average smartphone would get heated up easily when this happens, so is that special liquid cooling really being useful in this sense?

Some say that it should rather be termed as “liquid gas” instead, for it remains as liquid because of the pipe pressure, but reverts to gas when you open the pipe. While others think it’s generally a very smart move made by Samsung since it beats out the good old heat pipe; something worth giving props to especially if the phone doesn’t have an all-metal construction.

Those were some pretty informative feedback but we’re sure there’s more. And more importantly, we’d like to hear some from you too. It’s a tough call for this question, but do leave your comments and let us know your thoughts.

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