Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Did Someone Say Blue Coral?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can no longer be purchased and you really don’t want one as the battery might explode. So if you are looking to buy an alternative device you might want to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Now there is a new color to choose from and this is Blue Coral.

Blue Coral was introduced when Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and this is a shiny and bright color blue with accents of rose gold on the sides. Now the same color is going to be launched on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which many people are now choosing as a replacement to the Note 7, which is now in its second recall.

We have seen a Verizon branded phone in Blue Coral with the branding on the back of course, however this is not to say that it is going to be an exclusive to Verizon.

But what do you think about the Blue Coral version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, is this a color that you would choose?

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