Samsung Galaxy S7: Does It Need A Case?

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If you are the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 you may be debating on whether to cover up the awesome looks of the handset with a case. So does the S7 need a case on it?

One of the biggest reasons why people use a case on their handsets is to safeguard against drops. The Samsung Galaxy S7 isn’t a cheap device so it may pay to safeguard it, however, it is a great looking device so why would you cover up those stunning looks and make a slim phone bulky, by adding a case.

Some people find the backs of devices slippery and this can lead to falls, but is the back of the Samsung Galaxy S7 slippery enough so that you would worry about dropping it and feel the need to cover it up?

Many people say that they never drop their phones. However, no one intentionally goes out to drop their phone on purpose. Accidents do happen and if you saw your Samsung Galaxy S7 shiny new device slip to the floor and break, you may be wishing that you had put a case on it.

On the other hand you could own the Samsung Galaxy S7 for many years and never drop it once. So the debate about whether or not the device needs a case is down to the fact that you are either willing to take the risk of the handset being dropped or not. If not then you need to find a case that you can live with.