Samsung Galaxy S7: Can’t Touch This (Literally)

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a superb handset as it offers great overall performance along with a good camera and there is nothing that can touch it, literally.

We say this because the back of the device looks great, however, if you don’t like fingerprints all over the back of the device and showing up clearly, this isn’t a phone that you are going to like touching.

The back of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is curved slightly and it offers a glass panel that simply melts into the frame and which offers a superb feel. The design is superb and Samsung really refined it. However, after holding the handset for just a few minutes there is a lot of finger oil coating the back of the handset. This leaves you wiping it down every few minutes to clean it off and get the back looking pristine once again, for a few minutes at least.

Of course there is a lot of good about the handset too, if you can get over the fact that it draws oil from the fingers like crazy and coats the back of the phone.

The fingerprint sensor for example is a lot better than on the model that came before it. But again the display acts as a magnet for fingerprints and this may drive you crazy.

The simple answer would be to put a case on the Samsung Galaxy S7 so that the fingerprints didn’t show up on the back. However, this detracts from the beauty of the handset.

If you can get over the fact that you may not be able to stand to touch your Samsung Galaxy S7 this is a great handset. But what do you think?