Samsung Galaxy S7 Can’t Hold Out Until Successor Arrives?

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be announced this week and we will probably see it on the shelf by next month which means those with an S7 that wished to upgrade will only have to wait for a month before they can get their hands on the new device but it looks like some of them will not even be able to make it until the Samsung Galaxy S8.

After being around for 1 year, some Samsung Galaxy S7 users have already started reporting that their S7 battery is getting from bad to worst. There were already reports about the S7 not lasting as long as it is supposed to but now, more users are reporting that the battery life has gone even shorter.

They reported that the main problem now is when the device is one standby. Some users report that their device’s battery life would drop as much as 3% for every hour when the normal standby battery drain should be around 1% per hour.

Some people blame the Bluetooth but what about those that already have their Bluetooth turned off. Some users even added that they have also turned off the WiFi, Facebook, as well as the auto upgrades just to make sure they are draining as little energy as possible but that did not work.

At this rate, we might see Samsung lose a lot of their customers to some other flagship models before their Samsung Galaxy S8 arrives. We also do not know how much better the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life is going to be.

With the kind od reputation they have, some users might not even want to come back to Samsung. Any of you experiencing the same problem? Would you still get the S8 knowing that the S7 has such an issue?

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