Samsung Galaxy S6’s Battery Life Is Something You Can Count On

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is truly a shocker. That’s because its surprisingly smaller battery capacity could actually perform just as well as its predecessor does; no kidding. It’s a stark contrast to the increased size of the phone though, since fans would have thought that the battery’s size is supposed to complement the size of the device.

Sure, it has to battle with the likes of the iPhone 6S, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z series and its very own phablet brethren the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. But it’s not to say that the S6 doesn’t have much to offer, because the results below would prove it if you thought otherwise.

The folks from GSM Arena made a shocking discovery through a number of tests they conducted on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and found this: the 3G talk can last for almost 20 hours, web browsing comes in at just below 11 hours and video playback is a good 12 hours. That just means that it matches the Galaxy S6 Edge but loses out to the iPhone 6S. Compared to other Androids though, it is ahead of the Sony Xperia Z4 and LG G4.

So still a positive. And if you’ve never thought that your S6’s battery could be so capable of boosting up the juice to power that huge display of yours, now you do.

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