Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Motorola Moto X: Who Da Boss?

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If you were to make a comparison between how well a $400 phone fares against one of the bestselling flagships in the market, you would probably find out the obvious difference each flawed device has. And seeing that there are several Moto X editions out there now, we’ll be focusing on the Moto X Style (Pure Edition) to see how it could go against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6, all in terms of their camera performance.

Here are some of the shots taken with the Moto X and S6, where photos on the left represent the former, and the S6 is on the right.

Full Auto

full auto

The winner here obviously belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S6 for its sharpness and perfect colour accuracy of the flowers. It seems that the background is pretty blown out and the overall picture was too much for the Moto X to handle.

Full Auto HDR

full auto hdr

You might not be able to really tell the difference since both images look eerily similar, though the S6 is slightly brighter than Moto X’s. But we think that the first image looks more comfortable to look at though, probably it’s because of the colour balance that seemed pleasing to the eyes? Anyhoo, we can’t deny the fact that Motorola wins at this round.

Specific focus detail shot

specific focus detail shot

The Galaxy S6 once again emerges as the winner with the picture on the right; having produced much cleaner, sharper and balanced colours that look much closer to real life. There seems to be quite a blur in Moto X’s picture, especially when capturing the details from the tree bark.

Low light indoors

low light indoors

They may seem pretty identical at first glance, but upon zooming in each of these pictures, you’ll find that the Galaxy S6’s picture looks brighter, warmer and isn’t quite as grainy as what you might see from the Moto X’s Pure Edition (they still did a good job nevertheless).

And the bottom line is, there’s really no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has better camera performance than that of the Moto X Pure Edition, though the latter comes in quite close too. It will be great to have the more reasonable, underrated phone considered the next time you make a purchase, provided that you wouldn’t mind the slightest of details it might have lack in producing perfection in pictures.

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