Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlock: Why It Doesn’t Matter

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great device and recently some US carriers are now offering the device in ready unlocked form already. While this is great for those traveling overseas it isn’t the only reason why consumers want an unlocked S6.

Case and point the recent row of Android updates that rolled out to the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you’re owning a Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S6, unlocked or not these updates would still be fed directly from the carriers and not Google or Samsung. As such you would still be stuck waiting for your carrier to release the update no matter how critical it may be.

With that said, the recent promotions pushing the carrier versions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 unlocked should be considered carefully as the biggest disadvantage still stands. If you’re frequently traveling overseas and need to swap SIM cars with that of the carriers at your destination then this is a very good deal – but we are not sure how many buyers would be thinking of it that way when they see the unlocked option appear on the promotions.

So if you want the latest Android updates like the recently released 6.0 Marshmallow do consider buying a non-carrier branded Samsung Galaxy S6. If anything it will also have better resale value than a carrier branded version of the same kind.

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