Samsung Galaxy S6: Top 5 Battery Saving Tips

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There is more than one way to stretch out the power of your Samsung Galaxy S6. Here are 5 ways you can make your device last longer.

Turn off apps like Android Pay if you are not using it. While it might be nice to know and read about some if the new deals and coupons available when you pass by a shop, this feature will require you to turn on your location which will, in turn, drain your battery life.

Go to the setting of apps like Facebook and Google+ and choose to turn off the notifications. You might want to be updated all the time but the notification is one serious battery drainer.

If you own an Android Wear device, you might want to turn off the Google Fit feature on your device since the Google Fit will constantly send you network location request.

Turn of any Sync Date function that you do not need. Apps like Twitter comes with functions like this to make sure their users are constantly updated but it is really that necessary?

One of the easiest ways is to also reduce the brightness of your screen when you are indoors.

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