Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips & Tricks: Boosting Phone Speed

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Sure, the Samsung Galaxy S6 might have been positively tested with great battery results, but there also seems to be a run-down in performance in terms of speed and its functionalities too. This was observed by a number of users, but fret not, if you’re experiencing this common problem, scroll through to find out how you might fix it!

1. Use an alternate launcher

You might want to try this if you experience slow performance; just acquire a new one instead, and kick out your current one. Some of the recommended launchers are Nova Launcher, dodol Launcher and Solo Laucher. Test either of them according to your preferences.

2. Clear the app cache on your Galaxy S6

There’s a chance that your device could be filled with cache with time, so generally you’ll want to clear it off as it could decrease the speed performance. All you need to do is to go to Settings > App Manager and then select the app you want to clear its cache. You’ll then be able to see “Clear Cache” option, tap on it and your device should be free of cache for a while.

3. Factory-reset your Galaxy S6

This is possibly the most common recommended option for enhancing the performance of many devices. It’s like the “recovery mode” of all recovery modes; it ideally restores your phone to the state when you acquired upon buying it for the first time. Just remember to back up all important data before opting for this method.

This list is definitely not exhaustive, but do give it a shot for any one of these tricks. Let us know if it works for you, or if other ways are better, in the comments section below.

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