Samsung Galaxy S6 Takes on iPhone 6 But Don’t Let Age Worry You

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is taking on the iPhone S6 but don’t worry about age. The S6 is one of the best devices to come from Samsung and the iPhone 6 one of the best from Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 both offer a design that is superb and the iPhone is classed as something of a luxury handset. This is the easiest to hold in the hand thanks to the slight curve it has.

You could mistake the Samsung Galaxy S6 for the S5, however, there are some changed to the device. The home button is bigger as this is where the fingerprint scanner is and the bezels on the handset are smaller.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a superb handset for watching videos on and the resolution of the handset is 777ppi and 5.1 inches. The iPhone 6 offers 326ppi and it is 4.7 inches.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes in 16, 64 and 128GB and there is no expansion due to SD card. The iPhone 6 comes in 16, 64 and 128GB and again you cannot expand it with SD card.

The price of the iPhone 6S is £540 if you go for the 16GB version and the 32GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is £550.

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